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Solar Roof with the sun shining on itIf you’re wondering what custom roofs or roof repair will cost in Arcadia, then roofing contractor Thomas Garvey of Garvey Roofing will give you a free estimate. He’ll show you the best materials to use whether it’s tile, lifetime shingles or the newest in solar roofing technology.

Garvey Roofing is unique in the Southern California roofing industry. They guarantee all labor and roofing materials. Thomas, the owner, can design custom roofs using a combination of materials and colors.

Tile is popular in areas of Arcadia closer to the mountains. It’s also a choice for homeowners wanting to maintain the integrity of their ranch-style home since tile can look like wood shake or slate. Lightweight tile from Eagle Manufacturing or real clay tile from U.S. Tile comes in many varieties.

Contemporary homes bordering Foothill Boulevard, Santa Anita by the Highland Oaks School or near Hugo Reid Elementary School can have a stately appearance using shingles from GAF-Elk, the nation’s oldest shingle manufacturer.

Garvey Roofing handles the many varieties of commercial roofs like churches with steep pitches and apartment buildings needing the best flat roof material or custom roofs that can last for decades.

My humble beginnings

How did Thomas get up on roofs? He started as a teenager who needed a job. He loved the work but interrupted it to enlist in the Army and work as a mechanic. Once he left the service, he returned to the roofing industry. He’s been repairing roofs, and installing new and custom roofs in Arcadia and throughout the San Gabriel Valley for thirty years.

Garvey Roofing is also concerned about the environment and uses the latest materials that save energy in homes and commercial buildings.

Whether you’re shopping at the Westfield Mall and it’s pouring rain or blazing sun while on the course at the Santa Anita golf course, Thomas wants you to have peace of mind and a roof for all seasons.

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