Commercial Roofs in the City of Industry

Commercial Roofs

Commercial Roofs in a Industrial districtHomes and businesses in the City of Industry, situated along the 60 freeway and near business parks fueling the local economy, need a trustworthy commercial roof contractor.

City of Industry has a unique location in Los Angeles County on the southeastern edge of the San Gabriel Valley. Mount Wilson is often visible and so is Mount Baldy. The inclement weather with snow and driving rain hits hard in the mountains, while the sun’s heat slowly degrades roofs.

The sun is shining about 75% of all daylight hours at the City of Industry Civic Center. Seams will weaken, shingles will curl and leaks will eventually develop in the winter rains.

Roofing as an Energy Efficient Covering

A roof installed or repaired with the proper roofing materials and ventilation protects homes and buildings from the rain and summer’s hottest temperatures. Air conditioners and heaters don’t have to work as hard.

So what makes a roof energy efficient? The right materials play a major role.

Cool roofs can reduce surface temperatures by as much as 50 degrees by using the best shingles and roofing technology like Therma Sheet


Roofing Contractors Impact the Results

Garvey Roofing is a contractor well-equipped to handle residential and commercial roofing needs in the City of Industry. Thomas Garvey, the owner, has established a reputation for quality and integrity during his thirty years in the roofing industry.

He stays current on industry improvements ranging from reflective roofing materials to solar roofs.

Thomas holds four licenses related to roofing and in general contracting. On-going education and experience gives him an in-depth understanding of building science. His expertise is often sought in Los Angeles County when insurance companies need expert testimony related to roofing issues.

Homeowners and business owners can be assured that Garvey Roofing is compliant with local ordinances in the City of Industry in addition to California’s Title 24 legislation. And they’ll have peace of mind knowing that they’re getting a roof for all seasons.

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Commercial Roofs for the City of Industry