Roof Repair In Azusa After Wind Or Rain

After the Storm

Roof damaged by the windAfter it rains hard in Azusa, or Santa Ana winds whip through Azusa Canyon, you may be wondering if you should call a roofing contractor for a roof repair or a new roof replacement.

Local contractor Garvey Roofing does free roofing estimates in Azusa and has worked on residential and commercial roofs in the San Gabriel Valley for thirty years.

A wide variety of roofing materials are used throughout Azusa including asphalt shingles, tile—especially Spanish tile, and flat roofing solutions like TPO, and membranes for homes and commercial roofs.

Wondering about solar roofing technology? Garvey Roofing will provide it.

Thomas can show you if you need a new roof replacement or what it would take to repair your leaking roof.

The City of Azusa has specific codes related to fire severity and cool roofs. Garvey Roofing is up to date with local and state codes and roofing requirements.

More than just a shingles or tile roofs

Roofs are more than just shingles or tile. They’re an entire roofing system utilizing proper decking and underlayment along with the best tiles and shingles made from leading manufacturers.

Roofs come in an array of styles and Thomas can show you the best roofing material for your home or business.

He doesn’t just tear off, haul away debris to a landfill and plop on a new roof. Roofs are installed with an eye for quality and an understanding of the best roofing techniques.

Thomas, a veteran who has served in the Army as a mechanic, got his start in roofing as a teenager needing a job. He loved the work and has turned it into a successful career that includes a knowledge of building science.

Garvey Roofing is unique among local contractors. They guarantee all labor and materials—while providing a roof for all seasons.

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Wind and Rain Roof Repair in Azusa