Ways to Save Energy


Energy Efficient • Utility Cost Savings • Environmentally Safe

Cool Roof – A light colored roof uses materials with high solar reflectance and thermal emittance. If you’d like White Roof Coating, GARVEY ROOFING INC. uses asbestos-free Henry’s Roof Coating. Save on A/C + Heating = Electric and Gas $$$

Solar Systems – Unlike yesterday’s unsightly systems, these panels now fit flat on your roof and save you hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars each year in electricity costs. Imagine no gasoline bill by powering your electric vehicle from solar energy. Solar Systems also increase the value of your home. Save on Electric $$$, Raise the value of your home $$$$$

Radiant Barrier – Applied under the roof, a radiant barrier is a thin sheet of aluminum that reflects the sun and insulates. Save on A/C + Heating = Electric and Gas $$$

Ventilation – In the summer, ventilation forces the hot air out of your home. Poor attic ventilation can also cause mold, affecting the health of your family. Save on Electric $$$

Skylight – We install skylights that are coated to keep the heat out and allow the natural light in. Save on Electric $$$

Attic and Wall Insulation – Old insulation often contains chemicals such as formaldehyde. We’ll Safely remove your old insulation and replace it with non-corrosive, itch-free wool. This environmentally sustainable material assists in soundproofing as well as excellent coverage for better insulation.  We also offer blown in insulation and green insulation.  Save on A/C + Heating = Electric and Gas $$$

Reflective and Insulated Windows – As a licensed Atrium Window Representative, GARVEY ROOFING INC. will install windows that are coated to reflect heat rays and double-paned to keep heat and air conditioning in your home. These insulated windows will also reduce outside noise from infiltrating your home. Save on A/C + Heating = Electric and Gas $$$

Water Saving Rain Gutters – We install pre-painted seamless ALM gutters and can route them to a container to reclaim the rain water for later use in your yard. Save on Water $$

Attic Fan – The hot air trapped in your attic is circulated out of your home to save on air conditioning costs. Save on Electric $$

We’ll remove old material and debris and dispose of them safely.


Ways to Save Money


Here is a list of Local Rebates, Loans and Tax Credits


1. Federal Government

Tax Credits

2011 Update to Tax Credit

Energy Star Tax Credits


2. Energy Star Products



Windows and Skylights


3. State

California State Rebates and Loan Programs


4. Local

Utility Company Rebates


Pasadena Water and Power

Southern California Edison

Southern California Gas Company – Insulation


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