FREE Estimate

You will receive:

  • A complete dollar estimate for work recommended to your home
  • Proof of licensing, bonding, insurance and Workers Comp
  • Reference page of previous GARVEY ROOFING INC. customers you may contact
  • Current weather forecast (we won’t begin a job unless conditions are clear)


We will suggest the right material for your situation, areas including:

  • High wind
  • The pitch or slope of your roof
  • How long you plan on living/owning the property
  • Use of the building
  • If you own or rent the property
  • Energy saving/efficiency
  • Plants and trees
  • How long you want roof to last
  • If you need the roof to be walkable (for cleaning, etc.)



Our materials are purchased from our trusted suppliers. GARVEY ROOFING INC. has maintained an excellent working relationship with local roofing suppliers, no waiting weeks, even months, for your chosen materials.

All our materials are on our trucks before we begin your job

See our Roofing Materials page for more information

Pre-Tear Off

  • Your on-site supervisor will verify the jobsite for safety
  • Supervisor will verify all materials required for your job are on the truck


Your Roofing Job

  • There is a supervisor at your home at all times during your job.
  • Tear-off of roof is performed taking care of plants, windows and other fragile locations. GARVEY ROOFING INC. does not subcontract for tear-off, so that old materials are removed from your property by the end of each day, and disposed of safely.
  • Your driveway and property is protected from damage as needed.


Once Your Job is Complete

The owner, Tom Garvey, will inspect your new roof or large repair job, ensuring all details have been taken care of and your roof is good to go!

We are here to answer any questions or concerns.

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