Leaking Roof in Altadena

Leaking roof in Altenda from rainIf you have a leaking roof in Altadena and are wondering if you need a repair or a new roof installation, then roofing contractor Thomas Garvey of Garvey Roofing will give a free estimate and let you know.

If you’re looking into new roof installation, then Thomas can show you whether tile or lifetimes shingles are the best roofing materials to use. He sources all materials from leading manufacturers like U.S. Tile and Eagle or GAF-Elk and CertainTeed.

Altadena gets from 14 inches to 18 inches of rain every year and water will eventually seep through older shingles and flat roofs to the decking.

Garvey Roofing has worked on homes throughout the San Gabriel Valley for thirty years, including many in Altadena which has an amazing variety of homes—from the steep roofs in Janz Village just north of Altadena Drive to contemporary suburban ranch style homes along New York Drive.

Since Altadena is an unincorporated city in Los Angeles County, single-family homeowner assistance is provided through the Los Angeles County Development Authority.

Thomas is committed to providing a quality roofing solution and will take your budget into account to estimate how much a roofing repair will cost, how long it can potentially last compared to how much a new roof will cost.

He can show you the difference between tile and the underlayment used in the roofing system compared to lifetime shingles and how those will look.

If you want a custom-designed roof, Thomas will give you ideas that you’ll enjoy.

Garvey Roofing has a unique promise to guarantee all roofing labor and materials.

Whether you’re enjoying time with family in Farnsworth Park or hiking up one of the many trails through places like Eaton Canyon, Thomas wants you to relax since Garvey Roofing provides roofs for all seasons.

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Leaking Roof in Altadena