Our Services Include:

Residential roof by Garvey Roofing

We’re known for installing and repairing roofs on single family homes, multi-family units and commercial buildings throughout the San Gabriel Valley: from cities along the foothills to those south of the 210 freeway and the 605 freeway.

Our roofing system and the way we work is a holistic approach to caring for your home. Read below the Residential and Commercial sections on how we noticed a homeowner’s venting problem and what we did to fix it.

Your roof impacts the quality of your life.

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A Closer Look at Your Roof

During a roofing repair job, we noticed something strange. I asked the homeowner where the vents were for the gas heater and the stove. This family had bought the house four years earlier. We discovered that the vents were releasing gas into the attic.

We fixed this dangerous situation at no extra charge.


With all our services we come out to you and do a Complete Inspection. We check for leaks, cracks, loss of granular material to making sure your roof has proper drainage. We are honest with our inspection, services, and price. Sometimes you may not even need a new roof you may just need a repair. My goal is to make sure your roof is safe and stable when Mother nature decides to show up.

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