GARVEY ROOFING has you covered!

Can you appreciate the benefits that your roof offers:

  • Protection against rain, wind and blazing sun
  • Energy efficiency: when a roof is properly ventilated then air conditioners and heaters don’t have to work as hard
  • Curb appeal: a roof that’s right for your home looks attractive
  • Maximum value: whether you’re looking to refinance or sell in the future, a roof adds value to the home.
  • Peace of mind: you can go decades knowing your roof is built to last a lifetime.
We Listen To You

Residential Roofs

  • Need a new roof?

Garvey Roofing will design a roof that fits your home’s structure, whether it’s an older wood frame house in the San Gabriel Valley or newly constructed.

We listen to your preferences and your needs. Here’s an example:

A homeowner who was from the East explained what she liked in a roof. We designed a gray slate roof with red tile trim to give the appeal she enjoyed.

  • Concerned about your roof?

Maybe you only have a couple of shingles broken or a leaking roof, then we’ll examine the roof’s condition.

A roof leak repair can keep you dry and comfortable for the near future.

If you really need a new roof, then we’ll let you know why and give you pricing options. We’ll tell you the best roofing materials that will work for the conditions. Let’s say you have tree limbs hanging over your roof, then tile won’t work.

Commercial Roofs

Protect your operation with a durable roof that can withstand the blazing heat and driving rains. Top quality lifetime materials plus our expert installation means you’re covered for decades.

We roof warehouses, office buildings, retail stores and more from the industrial complexes near Duarte and Monrovia to office buildings in El Monte and Pasadena.

If you notice a leak, call us. We may be able to fix just that leak.

Your Roof is a System

Installing a new roof or repairing one is more than just calling over some friends, ripping off one layer after another and then tossing down plywood and nailing shingles.

A roof is a system that’s made up of a:

  • Foundation—the plywood decking
  • Underlayment—this is what makes the roof waterproof
  • Shingles, tile, slate or stone—the covering that reflects the sun and offers the first line of protection against the elements
  • Ventilation—controlling the air flow in the attic is part of properly installing a roof so that it lasts in every season for many years.
Home remodel?
Why not install your roof now, for easy access for plumbers, electricians and other contractors.