Black Mold


Mold is something we get to deal with a lot here in roofing. We have been called more lately with people who have had this issue due to, well, the recent rains. In order for mold to grow it needs darkness, moisture, and something to consume, like wood, cloth, drywall, carpet, hopes and dreams, etc.…



*cue Twilight Zone creepy theme music* We unlock this door with the key of clicking ta link. Behind it, is some weird stuff. Weird sounds, weird sights, and evidence of a profoundly odd mind. You’re moving into a land of mostly unrelated rhetoric with the occasional aside to actual roofing information. You’ve entered… this blog. for…


Online Reviews

So………….. online reviews. *ominous music plays in background* Online reviews are the go-to nowadays for trying to determine the quality of a company. You want to look up a good roofing company… you go to Google/Yellow Pages/etc. You might even go to the Better Business Bureau, which is a private company, by the way. Non-government. Bet…